AiMARK (Aimée Lê and Marc Sutton) are a nonbinary poetic system based in the US and UK. Our work seeks to transcend the limits of human and artifical memory, iterate new translations, and evolve queer forms of reproduction. Our writing technologies respond to the gain and loss caused by repetition and slippage in trinucleotide repeat disorders, turning the decay process of genetic reproduction and memory failure into a perpetual genesis engine.

Infinite Genesis (2021) – Live coding using Tangram/Tensorflow and Rails
Not Nothing (2020) – Livestreamed text manipulation performance using Unity
Aimée Lê, VAGUE (WAVE 🌊) (2019) – Athens Festival of Queer Performance
Aimée Lê, #TextMe_Lab: Reading, Silence, Slogans (2018) – writing workshops & artist’s residency
LEGO Digital Designer X (2010) – Collaborative digital building prototype system writing in C++ and Q

aiMARK collaborators

Foivos Dousos and Fil Ieropoulous, ΦΥΤΑ Bianella (2013) – performances curated for 4th Athens Biennale: AGORA
Foivos Dousos and Fil Ieropoulos, Queer Approaches to Lena Platonos (2018) – Greek National Opera alternative stage

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